RST-5 (Resin Separation Technology)


Working with RST-5 is easy & safe and is extremely pleasant to use.

Instructions for use


RST-5 is the only future-orientated cleaning agent available today and specifically designed for the polymer processing industries.  

RST Workstation 

These tubs can be ordered as required

The workstations allow the quick and easy task of clean up in preheated RST-5 solution

See video of the system in action here




PowerTowel is a non-woven towel impregnated with a special RST-5 liquid.  It is 100% SOLVENT FREE and can safely clean polyester, epoxy, glue, paint, ink, polyurethane etc. from surfaces and your skin.


This unique hand soap is just like the other RST products in that it is 100% SOLVENT FREE and can be used without water.


It is the only industrial hand soap containing the three important properties to:

Protect, Clean and Care for skin


RST-5 is 95% water based and is a proven cleaning agent for:

  • rollers

  • brushes, moulds

  • hands

  • surfaces

  • bubble rollers

RST-5 is a healthier, safer and much more environmentally friendly alternative to solvents. It is also more cost effective.

RST-5 works differently to normal organic solvents:
Unlike with acetone, uncured resins do not dissolve in RST-5. Instead, the resin disperses in the RST-5 and separates, sinking to the bottom of the washing container. The resin sediment can then be removed and disposed of quickly and easily, leaving the bath of RST-5 free for further use.

You need only to add more RST-5 concentrate from time to time to keep the cleaning power of the fluid. Compare that to the dangerous, expensive and environmentally threatening alternative of acetone.

RST- 5 is:

- 100% solvent free
- non-flammable
- non-explosive
- non-aggressive
- pH Safe 7.2- 8.5
- Harmless to humans and the environment
- Biodegradable
- Economical as the solution is recycled, removing solidified resin
- Easy storage

Using RST-5 will reduce users’ chemical waste and associated costs substantially.

Reduction of weight
= Reduction of waste
= Reduction of costs

RST-5 may be used to remove resin, paints, grease, oil and ink from a wide variety of tools and brushes as well as skin and clothing. RST-5 will work with many polymers and users can even clean hands with RST-5.

It is known that acetone and other solvents can actually promote carcinogens and other toxic chemicals to being absorbed through the skin, causing damage to various organs and nervous system.

A perfect degreaser:
RST-5 can also be used as a degreaser for metal parts or for cleaning industrial filter systems. RST-5 works on the same principle, but instead of sinking, the grease will float to the surface and then can be easily skimmed off and removed. RST-5 helps to reduce chemical waste substantially, as only the resin residue must be disposed of.

Customers report savings of 30% or more by decreasing their cleaning costs.

There have been reports that RST-5 is a straight replacement for acetone and other hazardous organic solvents and can be used in the same way. This is not entirely accurate. Although there are some similarities in the cleaning process, you have to remember that RST-5 is a soap and therefore must be used accordingly.  Think of it like washing the dishes; when using cold water the result is never as good as when using warm water and a brush. Use RST-5 correctly at 45 degrees Celsius and keep the pH of the fluid between 7.5 & 8.5 and the results are truly astonishing.

Visit the RST-5 Website for more in depth information