Injectron Injector Test & Calibration Fluid


  • Low Viscosity

  • Lubricated

  • High Visibility




Injectron Injector Test Fluid is a proprietary Injector Test Fluid that was many months in the making.  It behaves like fuel without the dangerous flashpoint of fuel.  Benefits:

  • Lubricated – The internals of properly serviced injectors will be cleaned back to bright metal.  The synthetic lubricant in Injectron Injector Test Fluid protects these parts from oxidising (rusting).

  • Behaves like Fuel - The viscosity and specific gravity of Injectron Injector Test Fluid is almost identical to petrol.  “Off-the-shelf” solvents and white spirits are being promoted as testing fluids but are 2 to 3 times more viscous (thicker) than petrol. 

  • Spray Pattern Testing – Injectron Injector Test Fluid atomises properly at normal vehicle test pressures to display realistic Spray Patterns.  With more viscous test fluids, pressures need to be increased to allow the operator a ‘guess’ at what the spray pattern might really look like in the engine.

  • Leak Down Test - Minute imperfections at the seat of the injector are often missed using off the shelf test fluids due to the high viscosity of the fluid.  This explains why so many injector service jobs show the injectors are fine on the bench, but when the injectors are re-installed into the vehicle they leak.  Injectron Injector Test Fluid will find these minute imperfections. Time is money... repeating the job is costly, and more importantly, it doesn't do a lot for your image.

  • Flow Testing – Accurate flow rate testing to within a tolerance of 3% of manufacturer specifications can be performed using Injectron Injector Test Fluid.  Most off the shelf fluids will be 20 to 50 percent off the mark which is totally unacceptable, especially for performance shops.



Performance shops and serious professionals insist on the best.  So should you!!




Cost Comparison:

Off-the-shelf test fluids may seem substantially cheaper at first, but for the sake of the exercise, let's do a comparison here to see what it's really costing.

Injectron Injector Test Fluid: The injector test fluid is recycled and filtered.  The average amount of injector test fluid used to carry out the service is approximately 15ml per injector. This allows for spillage and the amount consumed during backflushing (on machines that have a backflusher).  One millilitre of Injectron costs around a cent, so total cost per injector is around 15 cents per injector.   

There are various cheap solvents and white spirits being sold off as test fluid, some may be as little as half the price of Injectron. This may sound substantial, but it represents a saving of around just 7 or 8 cents in the cost to service each injector.  We've already mentioned that wrong diagnosis, especially in leak down testing, can occur using the wrong type of fluids. For the sake of a few cents per injector, how much is your reputation really worth?  Is it worth the risk?  Investing in a quality test fluid is an investment in your reputation. Worth considering before purchasing your next batch of injector test fluid.



Injector Test Fluid

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5 litre drum: TF05

20 litre drum: TF20

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