Sonicsoap Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

Mix 50:50 with WATER...  


  ...Makes 8 Litres!!

  • Non Toxic

  • Bio Degradable


  • SAFE on ALL Injectors


    Damaging a customers' injectors is a reality if you are using aggressive cleaning fluids on today's

modern injectors.  It's not only an embarrassment, it hits your hip pocket. 

Sonicsoap is guaranteed safe on all injectors.      

                  As used by true professionals.  For the sake of a few cents per injector....

.... how much is your reputation worth?                       



  • PH Neutral, not acid, not alkaline.  With a PH of 7.5, Sonicsoap falls into the same category as water, SKIN FRIENDLY.

  • Safe on all injectors.  Sonicsoap cannot damage injectors that have alloy components.  Acid or Alkaline based cleaning fluids destroy injectors that incorporate alloys in their manufacture, and there are quite a few of these in the marketplace today.  Check the ingredients of the fluid you are using now. Beware if there is any mention of potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or any acids.

  • Economical. Mix 50 50 with water.  4 litres of Sonicsoap concentrate makes 8 litres of Sonicsoap cleaning fluid.  Cost per injector serviced is around 4 cents per injector.

NOTE: A good quality heated ultrasonic cleaner is required for Sonicsoap to be effective.  The surfactants in Sonicsoap become active above 40 degrees Celsius.





Product Code: US150C

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